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I am SolarC (Carlos Concepción) a consciousness aware Dominican-American male born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. I grew up in New York City (Manhattan) and I now live in Nutley, NJ. I was a lacto/ovo/pesco vegetarian for 37 years (since the summer of 1973) until I became a whole plant eater (vegan) in October of 2010 after reading:The China Study by Dr. T. C. Campbell and his Son. I lived the first 7 years of life in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where my parents came from.                 During my first 7 years I experienced 7 major traumas that I now consider to be major gifts in life. 1. A severe case of separation anxiety when at 5 months old my mom gave me up to my loving grandma. Since my mom was suffering from psychopathic symptoms and was completely cold,cruel and unloving, it was a blessing to feel completely loved by my grandma. 2. A severe case of asthma made me recognize the true value of breathing, which led me to embrace yoga practice at a very young age. 3. A painful case of bronchitis led me to embrace the anti-inflammatory power of fresh vegetables. 4. By watching and imitating dogs in heat in the streets, I experimented with my first real sexual experience playing mommy and daddy with my cousin. This led me to embrace sexuality as a natural encounter between human beings without religious taboos, it also led me to recognize the sacred value of sexual energy as it is practiced in Tantra and Kundalini Yoga. 5. I developed long term Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder (PTSD) in the form of severe nightmares from the violent exposure to the brain splatter of assassinated people in the middle of a US invasion of DR in 1965 ( Operation Power Pack), this led me to value life, peace and democracy. 6. As my family and I walked through the war torn streets of Santo Domingo, littered with dead bodies a rifle platoons of American or Dominican soldiers surrounded us and pointed their rifles at us, I screamed so loud that I can still hear the Eco of my voice in my memory. From this experience I learned to project a powerful voice during my public speeches and seminars, commanding real attention.  7.The assassination of my father with one bullet to the heart on December 17, 1965, forced my family to return to the USA but more importantly it led to a quest for my spiritual father, which I found in Christ Consciousness. I studied in New York City Elementary, Junior and Public High Schools. I started playing baseball with the YMCA in right field for a loser team at 9 years old. But 4 years later at 13 years old I made it to a winner team and was exposed to a great sports coach (Joe), who acknowledged that I could be a great pitcher and so he placed my baseball talent potential where it actualized to its fullest. With this talent, I became the all-time best MVP pitcher for the Grosvenor Neighborhood House Community Center and the All-Stars MVP pitcher for the Manhattan Little League Baseball Association. After 27 years of thinking about this peak experience I finally discovered what actually happened thanks to the book:First, Break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently – May 5, 1999 by Marcus Buckingham  (Author), Curt Coffman  (Author). According to a second book: Now, Discover Your Strengths Hardcover – January 29, 2001 by Marcus Buckingham  (Author), Donald O. Clifton  (Author) and the StrengthsFinder exam they created, which I took in 2001, I was correctly identified as a strategic thinker for my performance in the Summer of 1972. A further confirmation of these findings came from the book:The Talent Code: Greatness Isn't Born. It's Grown. Here's How. by Daniel Coyle. My sexual confidence as an Alpha Male was so high at this point in time, that I had 5 sexually active girl friends and my friends called me pit bull as the leader of our gang. In December of 1972 at 14 years of age I met and fell in Love wholeheartedly for the first time with a beautiful 16 year old girl name Maria (Airam). She and her sister introduced me to astrology and motivated me to expand my vocabulary. I was accused of being to quiet and warned by her sister that I was in jeopardy of losing my girl to other more vocal guys and so I decided to read an entire pocket size dictionary. Sure enough, after reading the dictionary not only did I become more articulate but I also became an avid reader. In the summer of 1973, after taking lessons about vegetarianism and astrology with Mahakavi (Julio Martinez) my best friend's cousin, I decided during the summer of 73 trip to Santo Domingo to be a vegetarian. After suffering the deep pain of a gall bladder infection and the possibility of surgical intervention, I decided to cure myself naturally with fresh wholefoods and water. After 1 1/2 month into the new regime lifestyle, all the symptoms of the infection disappeared and I experienced radiant health for the next 19 straight years. In January of 1974 at 15, I became a Yoga practitioner and by the Summer of 74 I got my first job as an instructor with the Universal Great Brotherhood (UGB) founded Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere in 1948. I taught psycho-physical gymnastics, a pre-yoga workout system to over 300 kids through the manpower program of New York City. By 16 in the autumn of 1974, I jogged all the way up the Maccu Piccu mountain of Peru at 7,970 ft above sea level, to the sacred solar temple of the Inca empire and participated in the first Khumbha Mela (yoga pilgrimage with over 3000 practitioners) to the Andean mountains in the Sacred Valley of the Inca on the Urubamba river between Cuzco and Pisac. 

80 - Machu Picchu - Juin 2009 - edit.2.jpg

The Macchu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Cusco in Peru, at twilight.Machu Picchu (in hispanicized spelling, Spanish pronunciation: [ˈmatʃu ˈpiktʃu]) or Machu Pikchu (Quechua machu old, old person, pikchu peak; mountain or prominence with a broad base which ends in sharp peaks,[1]"old peak", pronunciation [ˈmɑtʃu ˈpixtʃu]) is a 15th-century Inca site located 2,430 metres (7,970 ft) above sea level.[2][3] It is located in the Cusco Region, Urubamba Province, Machupicchu District in Peru.[4] It is situated on a mountain ridge above the Sacred Valley which is 80 kilometres (50 mi) northwest of Cuzco and through which the Urubamba River flows. Most archaeologists believe that Machu Picchu was built as an estate for the Inca emperor Pachacuti (1438–1472). Often mistakenly referred to as the "Lost City of the Incas" (a title more accurately applied to Vilcabamba), it is the most familiar icon of Inca civilization. In 2007, Machu Picchu was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in a worldwide Internet poll. 

3D laser scanning of site: In 2005 and 2009, the University of Arkansas made detailed laser scans of the entire Machu Picchu site and of the ruins at the top of the adjacent Huayna Picchu mountain. The university has made the scan data available online for research purposes.[36] @http://gmv.cast.uark.edu/scanning-2/data/machu-picchu-3d-data/   Photo courtesy of Wikipedia by Martin St-Amant

Temple of the Sun or Torreon: The Inti Watana stone is one of many ritual stones in South America. These stones are arranged to point directly at the sun during the winter solstice. The name of the stone (perhaps coined by Bingham) derives from Quechualanguage: inti means "sun", and wata-, "to tie, hitch (up)". The suffix -na derives nouns for tools or places. Hence inti watana is literally an instrument or place to "tie up the sun", often expressed in English as "The Hitching Post of the Sun". The Inca believed the stone held the sun in its place along its annual path in the sky. The stone is situated at 13°9'48" S. At midday on 11 November and 30 January, the sun stands almost exactly above the pillar, casting no shadow. On 21 June, the stone casts the longest shadow on its southern side, and on 21 December a much shorter shadow on its northern side.

Intihuatana Solar Clock.jpg

Intihuatana (solar clock) at Machu Picchu, Peru

Inti Watana or Intiwatana (Quechua)[1][2] at the archaeological site of Machu Picchu (Machu Pikchu) is a notable ritual stone associated with the astronomic clock or calendar of the Inca in South America. Machu Picchu was built c. 1450 by the Sapa Inca Pachacuti as a country estate.[3][4] In the late 16th century, the Viceroy Francisco de Toledo and the clergy destroyed those inti watana which they could find. They did so as they believed that the Incas' religion was a blasphemy[5] and the religious significance of the inti watana could be a political liability. The inti watana of Machu Picchu was found intact by Bingham in 1911, indicating that the Spanish conquerors had not found it.[6]

The inti watana of Machu Picchu was carved at the top of a natural pyramid's summit. It is characterized by odd shapes which defy interpretation, and incomplete descriptions of its purpose in Inca chronicles.[6]Featuring a slightly inclined plane at its top, an upright stone column tilts 13 degrees northward.[7] Other features include a granite block resembling a carved shelf, bench, or altar, and a rectangular base.[8]

Possibly used as a sundial,[5] it was aligned with the sun's position during the winter solstice.[9] The Inca believed the stone held the sun in its place along its annual path in the sky. At midday on November 11 and January 30 the sun stands almost above the pillar, casting no shadow at all. On June 21, the stone is casting the longest shadow on its southern side and on December 21, a much shorter one on its northern side. The base is said to be "in the shape of a map of the Inca Empire" but most archaeologists disagree, observing that the base is squat and stubby whereas the Tawantinsuyu is long and thin.[9][10][11] Pedro Sueldo Nava describes the landmark as "perhaps one of the most beautiful and enigmatic places to be found in Machu Picchu."[12]

Urubamba - Valle Sagrado 3.JPG

Urubamba Valley, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru. The Urubamba River or Willkamayu[2] (Quechua for "sacred river")[3] is a river in Peru. Upstream it is called by its Aymara name Willkanuta ("house of the sun",[4] hispanicized Vilcanota) The picture was taken on the road leading to Písac, it's looking toward Calca. The town in the foreground is Taray (which was heavily damaged by floods in 2010). The approximate location is: -13.433761,-71.864247. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia by Charles Gadbois - Own work

 But after these radiant moments my High School years became very turbulent times with drugs (marijuana, cocaine mushroom, LSD, Quaalude and alcohol) experimentation. I dropped out of H.S. just 3 months before graduation in 1977. In 1978, I got my General Education Degree (GED) and immediately I enrolled at the Bronx Community College but had to do 1 year of remedial work in math, after which I did 2 more years of college studies in the Liberal Arts and Sciences with emphasis on mass communications and French. In 1979 I saw a documentary by AT&T on Lasers, Satellite Communications and Arthur C. Clark's vision of the future of civilization that inspired me so much that I could not sleep that night with an over active imagination. That night I decided that I wanted to be a Photonic Engineer to help build the new world. Unfortunately I was mathematically unprepared to do engineering and because of my High School years of confusion I changed curriculum 4 times ending with a leave of absence for Venezuela in 1981. The assassination of my older brother with 4 bullets to the head in November of 1980 reactivated my PTSD and upon discussion with my oldest brother I decided to leave New York and go to live 4 years in a Venezuelan Ashram (a community of Hatha Yoga practitioners 1981-1985). There I did volunteer work as a Teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL) and served as a translator of scientific and religious documents from French to Spanish and English. 2 weeks ager my return to New York I went to Albuquerque, New Mexico to study Ayurvedic medecine with Vasant Lad. From 1974-1991, I also became a bibliographic researcher for the french author Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere, the Founder of the yoga ashram and the Universal Great Brotherhood and continued my training as Yoga instructor. This lifestyle continued for over 25 years, traveling all over North, Central and South America. By 1991 I had collected over 325 books and consulted over 2000 bibliographic sources from his works. Through this research project I discovered Raymond Abellio's esoteric books on numerological kaballah, Gnosis or transcendental consciousness of consciousness and the transfiguration of the world through the numerological laws of the laser spectrum.  In the Spring of 1997, I worked with two friends to create the Yoga Practice and Kabbalah Study Center at the New Yorker Hotel (34th street and 8th Ave). It was here that I met the mother of my child Maria Patricia Rosas.  After my son William was born in 1999, in the year 2000 I conceived the book project that became the: Laser Information Age (2009) and the website: LaserEdu.org. In 2004 I became a radical, rational and moral humanist in the Laser-Enlightened and Quantum Holographic Consciousness tradition that Ervin Laszlo and Einstein's visual thinking of the Quantum and Relativity sciences have created. In parallel to my quantum visual education I also became a verbal and cognitive student of the Chomskean school of linguistics and his libertarian socialist politics via MIT's Open CourseWare and the Chomsky.info website. I subscribed as well to Peter Drucker's idea of the Post-Capitalist Society of Organizations and the emergent Knowledge Society of the Universally Educated Person. I discovered that I am an Inputer, thanks to the StrengthsFinder exam, I read and listened to over 1,000 books in the past few years. I read over 5 to 10 books per months during the first decade of the 21st century mostly non-fiction. I was a perennial college learner and a futurist but now I am centered on the living present with Adyashanti's True Meditation guidance. In 2009, I authored the free E-book: Laser Information Age, How You Can Educate Your Visual System with Laser Intelligence and Participate in the Emergent Open Resource Based Economy via UNESCO Virtual University, self-published online via Scribed.com and LaserEdu.org. I am currently writing an update entitled: Who Am I? A coherent inquiry into the Holistic Biophoton nature of our Transfigured  Consciousness and the advent of the new Laser Life-World. I am also organizing my laser information lifestyle with Google's cloud computing platform that is now being integrated to the MIT and Harvard EDX initiative as well as the Linux open software community. My connectedness to life, love and the transfigured light of consciousness led me to embrace the all-optical Internet as an emerging web of coherent light that is collectively illuminating the interconnection of billions of human beings in the background of society and with LaserEdu.org I intend to bring this coherent knowledge to the foreground of society.